Did Adidas win the Rugby World Cup?


No. But they did pretty well from it.

Marketing Magazine maintained a ‘Brandtasy League’ throughout the World Cup to find out which sponsor had the most successful campaigns. The table was created using data from the SponsorDNA tool.

Adidas sponsored and supplied the winning New Zealand team and their campaign mirrored the on-field success of the All Blacks.

Highlights from Adidas’ campaign include the XV Challenge game, the #forceofblack social campaign, creative mosaics on Instagram and providing the entire squad with all black boots. As a brand, it finished in the top two of the table every week.

Perceived Fit

This is not how well people think the Adidas rugby shirts would fit them. It has been described as “the extent to which a consumer perceived the new item to be consistent with the parent brand” by Aaker and Keller in 1990. So basically, it means how well it fits with what Adidas have done previously. Adidas actually won this battle, competing against the Home Nation’s sponsor and tournament supplier, Canterbury.


Mastercard and Heineken enhanced their marketing campaigns towards the final, using very simple campaigns.

Mastercard sponsored the man of the match award in the final, who turned out to be Dan Carter, an All Blacks legend. His interview was viewed widely and increased awareness hugely.

Heineken raised awareness through social media with the #itsyourcall campaign, which gave youngsters the chance to win a competition that would allow them to do the coin toss at the beginning of games.


This is the idea that the brand and consumer have a mutual relationship or share values, which basically means if they’re mates or not. Lucozade had the best affinity score due to their funny ‘Strictly for the Home Nations only‘ campaign.

Purchase Intent

How much a marketing campaign made people want to buy products of a certain brand. Coca Cola finished 10th in the Brandtasy Table overall, but their on-pack promotion to win 1 of 1 million rugby balls drove it to the top spot in sales.

Social Engagement

Adidas came a very close second to MasterCard, who invested a massive amount of their efforts into their social media channels and interacting with consumers.

There’s a lot of points to take away from each of these brands and their campaigns for aspiring marketers.

Let me know what you think and if any brands appealed to you during the World Cup.

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