How does Bob Marley like his doughnuts? Wi’ Jammin

Close your eyes. Think about the greatest song of all time. Open your eyes. If you didn’t imagine Concrete Jungle by Bob Marley and the Wailers, you’re a fool.

Admittedly, it’s fairly difficult for me to relate to the trials and tribulations of a broke, repressed Rastafarian from Trenchtown; probably because I’m a middle class student from suburban Wolverhampton. 

However, this failure to relate doesn’t mean that it’s not possible for me to enjoy and appreciate the music. The open and relaxing nature of reggae in general is, in my opinion, the main contributing factor for its huge appeal (coupled with it just being really cool).

Concrete Jungle is the opening track to Catch a Fire; The Wailers’ first album. This song introduced the world to Bob Marley. 

It’s impossible not to be completely dragged in by the catchy bassline and guitar loop thingy (forgive my lack of knowledge of musical jargon) that make the base of the song. 

And then our Bob sings. I think Bob Marley has had enough plaudits over the years for my opinion to mean much, thats if his music doesn’t speak for itself. Its pretty much universally agreed that he could charm snakes with his singing voice. His voice is the cherry on top of this song. 

As a group, The Wailers were supremely wise. I’m sure most people have seen Bob Marley quotes plastered on awful tumblr pictures that then get shared all over Facebook by people who tend not to have listened to much of his music.

That annoys me because it trivialises how clever he actually was. It’s worth listening to concrete jungle in depth just to get a taste of the messages he put across in his music.

Give it a listen hqdefault

What was the last song you listened to?


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