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My name is Ed Potts. I’m currently at Birmingham City University, studying a first-of-it’s-kind 2 year course called Digital Marketing. Throughout this blog I’ll be looking at the subject of sport & fitness, how technology is changing it and how that effects the marketing of that particular area. Digital Marketing as an area is only as new as digital channels, so as they advance so will marketing. It’s genuinely an exciting area that people should pay attention to as it effects us all. Sport, in general, is something I identify with and have made it part of my life since I can remember. I’ve played cricket, football and rugby at semi-decent levels and roughly 99% of my spare time is spent watching anything I can find in the depths of the sports channels, so what that means for the layman reading this blog is that you’ll get passionate, reasonably informed opinions. Just read my stuff, you won’t regret it.


Also share me among your friends, post me on social media, spread me like butter. I might share your stuff in return!

I have social medias and stuff:




edpottsblog@gmail.com – for enquiries


“Absolute genius. *****” Ed Potts, 2015

This is me, the one in the middle with the moustache that looks worse than the fake one my brother is wearing. It was Christmas and we were soaking up the festive joy as a family, but you could probably already tell that from our faces. ❤

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